10 reasons why Android users switch to iPhone

On the rankings of loyalty or user satisfaction, the number one position belongs to Apple. So it pulls in large amounts of users switched over from the Android platform. Do you want to try a new brand of Ipad now? Click Here!

  1. Frequency of software updates

As of February 20, 79% of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are updated to the latest version – iOS 10. By contrast, only 1.2% of active Android devices are running Android 7 Nougat. Most users are stuck in the Lollipop version, since 2014, due to Google’s focus only on new premium products.


2. Customer care services

There are not any tech companies that provide good after-sales services like Apple, typically AppleCare. 10_ly_do_khien_nguoi_dung_quay_lung_voi_android_de_chuyen_sang_apple_2

3. Water resistance

Despite its late appearance, the IP67 waterproof and dustproof features make Apple’s designs be as “tiger-winged”,  urge the user to switch to this operating system as soon as possible.


4. Advanced Hardware:

Despite the Android phone manufacturers are constantly launching high-end phones such as Galaxy S, Note, Xperia…When it comes to “class” and “luxury,” users immediately associate the iPhone with the Apple brand.


5. Proprietary software

Applications dedicated to Apple users such as iMessage, Facetime……has become so familiar and indispensable in everyday life.


6. Synchronization

Owing to the control of both hardware and software, Apple easily provides users seamless experience on their devices.

7. Apple Watch

While Android Wear is still struggling to develop, Steve Cock’s Apple Watch has made great strides in the smart wristwatch industry. In addition to its useful features, Apple Watch also owns an elegant design with a flawless look that makes it a top hunting accessory of technology lovers.

8. Application

Almost all new applications are available on the first iOS before being introduced to other operating systems. Apple’s application ecosystem is strictly controlled for quality, so the user experience has also become better and superior.

9. Simplicity

Android’s customization has become a double-edged sword to make it difficult for a large number of users not technologically savvy. So the simplicity of iOS is the perfect solution if you want to please the masses.

10. Battery life

The quality of the iPhone battery is improving. Now, when using the iPhone 7 Plus, users will not have to bother too much about battery life or time of use.