The human brain is a complex organ and the most mysterious of the human body. Scientists do many studies on it, but the brain remains a mystery to us. But from the past, there is a lot of information, false assumptions about this agency.

  1. Is the human brain gray?


You may have seen the white, gray or yellow brain and think that this is color of brain. In fact, the brain is white, black and red. However, this legend is partially right because there are parts of the brain is gray. It usually is places contains a variety of  cells, such as nerve cells.

2. Listening to Mozart music makes the brain smarter


Since past long time, more people assume that listening to Mozart can help develop children’s cognitive abilities. But according to a recent study of scientists at the University of California conducted, Mozart did not really make us smarter. Actually it only helps us to improve the ability to perform a number of jobs which are temporary and related to space.

3. When learn something new, you can add a new wrinkle on the brain


When in the early weeks of pregnancy, our brains almost no wrinkles. Along with the development of the fetus, the brain gradually perfected. The brain is almost shape in the 40-weeks. So the brain can not add new wrinkles as we learn new things.

4. You can learn from subliminal messages

Subliminal messages is the word which the market research James Vicary launched in 1957. It is attached to the images or sound. It will effect cognition and affect our behavior. However, the tests later confirmed that subliminal messages do not have any effect on us.

5. The human brain is the largest brain

Humans is the most intelligent animals in the world. But that does not mean that the biggest brains in the world. The adult brain weighs about 1,361kg, while the brains of these species of sperm whale weighs 7,8kg. In fact, sperm whales are more intelligent than other mammals. But if compared to us, it is a lame comparison. The intelligence depends on many factors, not dependent on the weight of the brain.

6. The brain still works after being cut down


Many people believe that after being cut down, the brain can still active for a short time (tens of seconds). However, the fact that immediately after being cut from the heart, the brain falls right into a coma and began to die. Eyelid movements which many people think is a manifestation of the brain still works, the fact that the body’s reflexes.

7. The brain damage is permanent

Many people believe that the brain damage will be permanent. This is not entirely true thing. Because some brain damage can be recovered partially after injury. When these nerves are damaged or die, it can not grow back, but the relationship between the nerves may be restored to create new connections between neurons. 

8. Alcohol kills brain cells


Many studies have proven that alcohol directly affects to your brain. But it can not kill the brain cells. Alcohol can make the messages to can not be transmitted between nerve cells. Although it is not die but the cells had to change how they link together.

9. The moment that the brain is more active


Brain activity at night is more than during the day. Many believe that the move operation, calculate, think, interact during the day will make brain tired than the night time bed rest. The truth is completely the opposite. When you rest is when the brain starts working. Scientists still can not explain this phenomenon. However, they said that thanks to the activity of the brain that you can experience beautiful dreams.

10. Smart people often have dream more

People with higher IQ will appear much dream when sleep. However, you should not feel the loss of confidence if you can not remember the events of the dream. Most of them can not remember all the events in the dream because it only lasted 2-3 seconds, too short to brain record.