After Black Friday: Nike Outlet Store look like doomsday

Black Friday can be cheap shopping opportunities of so many people but it is also terrifying nightmares. But after Black Friday, It is terrible, especially with the sales staff or visitors present at that day.

We have seen many cases which people contested items in the mall on Black Friday takes place annually. This is no exception in the retail and outlet stores of Nike.


As a world-renowned brand, Nike’s Black Friday comes with having a lot of products reduce price up to 70%. It makes many people want to buy a pair of Nike shoes immediately with cheap price. As a result, the Nike outlet is only in a Friday evening, the store was “Landfills” with shoes thrown everywhere. People trample each other to get into the shoes they want to.


Some Twitter users took photograph of the Nike outlet scene after Black Friday. And he only know to say “I hate people” (I hate humans). Information on this store were not disclosed.


Despite the mess, customers come later still no iota of interest and … keep trying shoes.