Blockbuster Film “Kong: Skull Island” was shot in Vietnam has officially launched terrorist trailer.

Yesterday, at the Comic-Con event, Legendary Pictures has officially released the trailer for the blockbuster Kong: Skull Island.  In this trailer, viewers had the first sight of the greatness of King Kong and the explosive actions.

It can be seen that the journey of the expedition to the island of King Kong met problem. They have to fight with the natives, and of course, facing King Kong. In the previous press release, the manufacturer said in Kong King Kong: Skull Island will be the largest edition of all time. Jordan Vogt-director Robert said that Kong has more than 30 meters in height. It is taller 4 times compared with the 2006 film of Peter Jackson. And it taller than doubled Kong of year-30.

Besides, we also see a lot of pictures to be shot in Vietnam are reproduced beautifully in the trailer.


Kong: Skull Island officially open in theaters in the US on 03.10.2017. It will be Godzilla 2 on 08/06/2018.