Donald Trump – The 45th President of the United States

Donald Trump is regarded as a new infidels when announced candidacy. He gradually made America and the world was surprised and worried when he went straight to the final confrontation with Mrs. Clinton.


The day 14/6 recent , Donald Trump has celebrated 70th birthday. The victory in the elections, the billionaire became the oldest president in American history. He surpass the previous record of former President Ronald Reagan (inauguration when 69 years). Trump also is the first to become the US military commander when unparalleled experience in politics, whether in the executive or legislative.

In 16/06/2015, Donald Trump and his wife walked down the escalator and into the press room at Trump Tower announced candidacy for president. “I am officially running for the US presidency and we will make the country great again.”

In the opening statement, Trump said: “Sadly, the American Dream is dead. If I am elected, I will restore it stronger than ever before”.

For more than an election year, Trump had to compete with 16 other candidates, including many prestigious character of the Republican Party. Former Governor Jeb Bush (brother President Bush “the”), Senator Ted Cruz is up, Senator Lindsey Graham … have announced candidacy before Trump.

However, Trump won each opponent in the preliminary elections. Only be second position,in the voting in Iowa Day 1/2 (the first in the country held presidential primaries). But Trump overwhelming victory in the state of New Hampshire is more important. In 20/2 after the election, Jeb Bush declared to leave the race, finished ambitious become to the 3rd  members of the Bush clan became the White House’s Boss. On this day, the rate of support for Trump 4 times more than Bush (32.5% versus 7.8%). On July 3rd Super times a (day 1/3), Trump win at 7/11 states. Super 3rd day in the second times (day 15/3), Trump almost swept all the elections when the overwhelming winner in the 4/5 state.

One of the notable content of his speech is when the billionaire Trump said he would use the money bag to cover the election campaign. Therefore, Trump said he would not be affected by any lobbying groups or sponsors.

In fact, Donald  Trump still fundraising and became one of the candidates “little money” in the history of US presidential elections. By the end of September, Trump raised a total of $ 163 million, much lower than USD 449 million of Clinton. For the senior members of the Republican party,the worry of them become a reality, as an outsider candidate like Trump to become the drivers entered the race for the party presidency.

In 19/07/2016, Donald  Trump officially become candidates representing the Republican US presidential election.