Donald Trump can be an unpredictable president

Scholars assess Mr. Trump is the people very difficult to predict. So America may occur many civil unrest when he is president.


In 8/11, Donald Trump victory in the election and become the 45th President of the United States. So some scholars have speculated about America under his leadership, according to Metro.

“Mr. Trump will assume the presidency like the CEO position,”. Professor Iwan Morgan, who teaches American studies at University College London said.

Position of president must be in the hands of a person to understand the necessity of persuasion. Rather than pointing out the orders.”

Professor says that everything he saw about Mr. Trump made him worry. Because Mr. Trump does not seem to fully understand that the president is a counter weight system between the branches has same power power of government.

Lucas, a US citizen who teaches American research at the University of Birmingham said that Trump would be a very unpredictable president.

“We can’t totally unpredictable about him. I have not seen him express coherent thoughts about foreign policy in his campaign,” he said. “He spoke in slogans, but that did not really turn into a policy.”

“The unpredictable never good for stability – at least in foreign policy and international relations,” Lucas said.┬áBoth Mr Morgan and Mr Lucas agreed that even Trump speculated he will choose someone in the Cabinet and White House staff is also very difficult.

Professor Morgan said that US relations – Russia under Mr. Trump can warm up. But Mr. Lucas said that prospects for bilateral relations is still unclear. And We do not know whether Mr. Trump will closer or keep their distance with Russian.

Mike Cullinane American professor, American history lecturer at the University of Northumbria, said that Trump’s first priority would be internal problems.

And “He will not have to worry about the protests and violence in his presidency,” he said.