The famous prodigies of the world in 2016

Not only have admirable IQ, the world-famous prodigies in 2016 actively learning, creativity and create big targets for ourselves.


William Maillis (US) graduate High School when 9 year-old, became one of the youngest students. The boy called this prodigy known as math, reading, writing when he is 2 years old. When 4 years old, he knew how to use sign language and reading book and Greek. When he was five, William grasp the basic knowledge of geometry in one night. He wanted to become a celestial physics.


Daniel Liu is 11. He is a well-known face in the scientific community in the US. Last year, he began to study High School, and according to some courses at the University of Toledo. Daniel always possesses outstanding academic achievement and is the youngest winner challenge “Are you a Chemistrician” by the United Nations Educational Chemistry, won the $ 10,000 scholarship.


The 4-year-old Russian girl – Angelina Bella Devyatkina make TV audience and online community admired when she speak the fluent in Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. The nanny look after Bella come from many countries, teaching of foreign languages and world affairs, history, or themes taken from encyclopedias for children.


Owning  IQ at least 145, Laurent Belgian Simons takes a year to complete primary school and started college preparatory program when 6 years old. This prodigy like reading Harry Potter and playing games on the computer.


In September, two British student is Liam Gormley and Michael Gowie. They are 14 years-old, and reaches IQ 162. They take part in Mensa organization for the world’s most intelligent people. Liam wanted to work for game development companies, while Michael wishes to become a computer engineer.


Muhammad Shahzad Humza in UK have certified Microsoft professional programmers when 6 years old (I took 6 months to prepare for this exam). Currently, 7-year-old prodigy has completed primary education and have a stable job in the programming sector. Many people expected Muhammad will become the second Bill Gates or Steve Jobs