The Film “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: SALAZAR’S REVENGE launched first trailer

The film series “Pirates of the Caribbean” – “Pirates of the Caribbean” premiered since 2003. It has made many viewers pursue to adventures beyond the sea world along the legendary pirate – Jack Sparrow. Recently, Disney has released the dark colored teaser trailer filled of section 5. The name of it is PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: SALAZAR’S REVENGE. They schedule for release in 2017.

Teaser trailer opens with scenes of majestic Caribbean. It is the place which pirates and many scary creatures in the world inhabit. At this place, a crew when step into the cave has quickly been “swallowed up” by the darkness and killed by pirate ghosts. Finally, the whole crew only has one survivor is Henry. From here, the young man  must face with Salazar. He is the scary boatswain is aggressively pursuing news of Jack Sparrow. Salazar assigned for Henry the task that must find Jack Sparrows. and send to him a smell of death message: “Death will soon come to you.”


After the Disney release the trailer of the film PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: SALAZAR’S REVENGE, the fans had envisioned a dark color and horror will cover this new film.


PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: REVENGE  SALAZAR expected releasing in 26/05/2017.