GO Pokémon update ‘Appraisal’ – the interesting feature to players

GO Pokémon update ‘Appraisal’. It is really a the interesting feature to players.



There is a great fun for a community of players Pokémon GO. From now on, players will not feel boring when the features of Pokémon GO repeats itself and there isn’t innovative anything. The gaming experience will add a bit of interesting with the feature called Appraisal. It is updated new version 0.35.0 of Android and 1.5.0 of IOS by Niantic.

According Niantic, the feature: Appraisal (translation evaluation) basically will allow players to identify the Pokémon worth more to feed candy. “Now, these players will be able to learn about the possibility of attacks and defenses of their Pokémon from Team Leader (Candela, Blanche or Spark). Then they can determine the most potential Pokémon to battle.”

This means that we don’t give candy for a certain random Pokémon. After this new update version,  players can identify the deserving Pokémon have benefits from the candy. However, this update version don’t brings features exchanged Pokémon. It doesn’t have fighting except PokeGym. But according to the promise of Niantic, then these features are in the development stage and will soon launch the player community. So please be patient to wait!

In addition to the launch of new features, in the update this time, Niantic has provided fixes for minor bugs in the game in order to enhance a smooth gaming experience for players.