The important things to note when shopping online in the Black Friday 2016

Do not let the guise of discount blur your eyes. Let be a wise consumer and insight to not lose money unfairly.

The “Black Friday 2016” in this year will fall on 25/11. Almost everyone likes discount item. Certainly, you want to bought something that has both quality and cheap price. While the discount item in local market seemed be only “small discount” both in quality and quantity. So the promotional purchases in the United States remains the most feasible despite risks exist.

Here is the experience when wanting to buy discount item through Ebay and Amazon – the “big brother” in the online retail village. Let equip yourself with the knowledge you need before buying online in this year’s biggest sale.

Note when buying through an intermediary service


Usually,  the intermediate purchases prestigious service with handed style will be cheaper than normal because of reduced import duties, VAT …

The criteria for selecting an intermediate purchases prestigious service US include:

– Trust: To ensure, you should ask relatives and friends studying or working in foreign countries to buy. If not, Let choose the reputable intermediate purchases prestigious service with customers. Deposits following the percentage of items: Of course, You should choose the services require less money paid in advance as possible.

– Transportation costs: An important factor. Sometimes you purchased discount item but “shipping” is nearly history cost of item. Let consider, you should ask twice before ordering.

The shipping time: The services with more customers will have the time may be quicker to not have to wait for collected  orders. From 10 to 15 days standby time is an acceptable time period.  After selecting an intermediary service can trust, you should hunt discount item in the next Black Friday promotions. You can keep track of “Amazon Black Friday Deals Week” to capture information and prices are sale items or upcoming sale.


Amazon Black Friday 2016

Since two years ago, Amazon always have a day which reduce 30-40% price for the Kindle Reader and Kindle Tablet line. The products of Kindle remains on the list of products of interest. For those who like these products, do not forget to check the daily Amazon. Almost certainly there will be a day similar to the previous year.


A tablet running android, a E-reader terrible battery life, each is around 1 million vietnam dong, the bargain is not it?

Ebay Black Friday 2016

The Week from 21 – 11/25/2016 Ebay has many Black Friday promotion. There are most promotion in Black Friday dill (11.25.2016) and on Cyber Monday (11/28/2016).  After that will be the promotion in the end of the year and discounts on the occasion of Christmas 2016. Currently, the purchase on Ebay will simpler  than buy on Amazon because Ebay supports many items shipped directly to Vietnam. However, you need to be very alert because Ebay is actually a “sky Market” selling everything in this world. Although Ebay will help you do all the work delivery. But they will not guarantee quality for you. Countless people have encountered these situations cry smile because cheated through Ebay.