Do you know the reason why in the United States has 1 of every 3 people who are obese? Or the cause of 40% of children born in the families of single mothers in the America

  1. In American population, there will have one obese of  every 3 people.

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Do you know about the reason why people in the US obesity rate so high? Because this is the country which has name  “King” fast food. According to statistics shown that 22 million chickens are consumed each day, 404 686 m2 of pizza and fast food is extremely cheap prices. Not to mention, Americans incredibly like to eat cake. And there are a lot of pastry shop as a diverse culinary culture. It’s great but it is also the prevalence of obesity in such high here!

2. 40% of children were born by single mothers.


This statistics will surely make the Easterner as we startled and alarmed. But this is perfectly normal figure with Western countries. Because they have no constraints or preconceptions about the problems of single women. So even 40% of children born in the families of single mothers do not have what’s different than other kids. However, Be care !!! If you are living in Asian countries.

3.There are many public trash. 


The Americans is very practical. To keep the streets cleanly, they always put the big trash cans  without cap across the street. In the market place or commercial center, the airport … as well, it will be in many places. It is very convenient and hygienic, right? It’s hard to find garbage in the street indiscriminately US is the great thing that many other States should learn immediately not you?

4. Policy Priority for people with disabilities.


Don’t use the slogan but American give some policy priorities for people with disabilities: car parking anywhere is the nearest place. and spend most destinations for people with disabilities, followed by parking spaces for women mothers of young children.

In any public place in the US, there are always  have also aisle / elevators / toilets … reserved for disabled people with clear signage. In the supermarkets, there are available vehicles for people with disabilities. It help them move easily.

5. America is the place which has biggest car garbage in the world!


Do you know: Most Americans have a private car because get from one place to the other states were distant and rare public car? The car price is very cheap in America, the poor can also buy a used car for a few thousand, and who has more than 10 thousand dollars can buy a brand new car. So buying a car in the US like buying a motorbike in Vietnam. Therefore, we can see cars park everywhere across the empty place. With consumption annually is 16-17 million cars per year, we can say that the US is the where has biggest garbage car in the world!

6. The American are not napping. 


The vietnamese still has the nap habit to have energy for the afternoon working or learning effectivenes, right?But American don’t have this habit. Whether working in the office or freelancers, Americans spend a short time for lunch. They stay up late or get up early the habit of depending on each home, but Americans just sleep in the evening. Does it to spend more time working not?