Pankun and James – Smart monkey and dog


Pankun was born in October 1st 2001.
Pankun and James had stopped taking part in the show. I really worry about them. The final article said that they had been released to the wild or still are being cared for in the zoo.
Anyway, I will always love them and wish that they live well.

Though Pankun had brought us alot of joy, at the same time, I also feel sad that the trainer make him do stunts just to make us laugh. I hope that he is having a happy life with the way which he want to live.

I have just found some news about Pankun: Sadly…. Pankun & James is no longer aired in the televisions. Pankun is now owned by Cuddly Dominion, a zoo located beside the volcano Mount Aso, in the Kumamoto Prefecture of Kyūshū, Japan.
Some sad story happened….