No coffee, no tea … You only drink water in one month, what will happen to your body?

Do not drink coffee, tea, sugar, soft drinks, energy drinks … within 1 month. Replace all by filtered water, what will happen to your body?

Let’s find out 9 unexpected effects help you “change meat”, when you maintain a habit to drink water:

1. You’ll reduce calories


A cup of tea has sugar will added 30 calories to your body. A cup of mocha coffee in the morning contains about 250 calories. A can of Coca-Cola has 210 calories. But water doesn’t have any calories. Every day you can lose up to 400 calories if average drink only filtered water to replace all other drinks.

2. You will get rid of constant cravings


Regardless of whether a certain kind of sugary drinks can also push you into a vicious cycle: Consuming sugar, sugar cravings and then back sugar consumption … But just to drink water alone will prevent your appetite. Drink water, you can manually tell to your body that it is not hungry. It’s only thirsty.

3. Your brain will work better


Your brain contains between 75-85% of water. Therefore, keep enough water in the body is an important factor to help the brain to work efficiently. This will help you to improve attention and focus. So, before a math test just enough water to cover the body.

4. You save money


Obviously, you do not lose money on things bottled water, soft drinks, coffee, tea … One month only drink water also helps you save money to buy a new item.

5. The process of metabolism is enhanced


The first thing you do after waking up is what? Rinse and then drink a glass of water. It will help strengthen the process of metabolism in your body. Scientists have proved that drinking 500 ml of water can speed up your metabolism by 30% in both men and women.

6. Your skin is more bright and beautiful.


Switch from sugary drinks to water, you will witness a miracle happen to your skin. Beverage sugar accelerates the aging process, causing the loss of elastic tissue creates wrinkles and sagging. Filtered water is not involved in this process. Moreover, it also strengthen essential moisture, help the skin stretch and smooth light. Drink plenty of water can also reduce the likelihood that you have a headache, something that will make you wince and crow is feet forming the bottom of the tail aging eyes.

7. Good for gastrointestinal


Water helps you improve gastrointestinal health. If you combined with a diet rich in fiber, also remarkably effective more. Although you may urinate more and bladder also add a little bit tough, it’s not something harmful.