Protests against Trump turned into the violence in American cities

The second night of protests against Trump across US. They against President-elect Donald Trump turned into violent in Portland, Oregon.


Thousands of protesters took to the streets in the city of western Portland – Oregon’s largest city. They smashed stores and car glasses so police claim this is riot, according to the BBC. Moreover, Protesters threw firecrackers into the large trash was burned. However, small-scale protests than yesterday 9/11.

“After many requests disperse, police used bullets cause less injury to support the arrest and disperse the crowd,”. Portland Police  said on Twitter.

The protests, marches and vigils to protest elected Donald Trump continues in American cities. It includes Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Denver, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Dallas and Oakland, California.

Ingredients demonstrators mainly young people. Because they think that the presidency of Donald Trump will cause deep divisions about racism and gender.

“This election is very open and successful. Now professional protesters, the media are agitated, walking rally. It’s not fair,” Trump wrote on the social network Twitter account.


Moreover, No news about violence in the other protests. Although they blocked a federal highway via Minneapolis two directions in a short time. In Philadelphia, the crowd gathered at Citi Hall, the municipal government office, holding the banner “Not Our President,” “Let’s make America safe for everyone.”

Baltimore police said the crowd of 600 people marched peacefully through the city, blocking the streets. High school students in San Francisco wave the rainbow flag colors (flag of bisexual community and gay) and Mexican flags, alluding to protest against the policies of this group of Trump.

A crowd also gathered outside the Trump Tower in Chicago, a day after protests of thousands of people through the city center. A few passersby cheered them, but also have at least one driver shouted that “just shut up and accept the democracy”. In New York, protesters have returned to Trump Tower on Monday night protest the election results.