Steve Jobs: Bitter, eccentric and countless mistakes people

Walter Isaacson’s book records the main story recounts Steve Jobs. And it  answer many questions of the world of technology about the co-founder of Apple.He is very quiet and never spoke before the rumors.

When he know he can’t live more long than, Steve Jobs thought about writing a biography, sharing secrets of his life. He chose Walter Isaacson, former managing editor of Time and CNN, to do this since 2004. But  Isaacson rejected that proposal. He think that Steve Jobs want to put himself on a par with Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein (Isaacson has written two books about the characters before).

Later, the author realized Jobs put the problem right before the first cancer surgery.Until 2009, Isaacson began to write. In two years, he made more than 40 talk with the Apple co-founder and interview about 100 relatives, friends and partners of Jobs. Isaacson is completely freedom to write the book because Jobs refused permission to read the manuscript and not interfere with the content. But his wife, Laurene Powell, said earlier that: “There are parts of the life and personality of Jobs is a big clock and he should not do ‘clean’ them. “I want to see what is told truthfully.”


Steve Jobs is bitter and full of mistakes

“He is impatient, usually go mad. He is very ‘fragile’ and sometimes appear petty. Whether it is an employee was up all night to code (coding), he simply said: “You did wrong. Be Awful!”. Why is Jobs so harsh ? Because he wanted to see the perfection in others and also treat himself like that. ” Isaacson said. When Apple released the shares, Steve Wozniak (second founder of Apple) is extremely generous in sharing stock, trying to make people into millionaires. In contrast,Jobs coldly in considering who is and is not entitled to, whether it be those who accompanied him during the difficult period.

That is not the only example shown his ruthless personality. At this time, his girlfriend is pregnant and give birth to a baby girl named Lisa. Jobs, born when the parents are not married and abandoned, still flatly refuse to her bound and would not provide for the mother and child until the court intervened (he still claimed in court that he is infertile).

He has a Mercedes car without number plates as “do not want people follow me”, but later  Isaacson acknowledged that: “No number plates is actually easier to get attention. I am differences capital “.

“He’s not good managers. In fact, he was one of the worst managers. He throws everything into chaos. That creates great products, but does not make a management style admirable, “the author biography said.

This is one of the reasons Jobs was “rock” (from the Isaacson) from Apple. Jobs sold all its shares to form NeXT Computer, produced interesting computer but expensive and no one bought. But he also spent $ 5 million to save a small company – Pixar Studios – and make the revolution computer animation become common. It make him become a billionaire.

In contrast, Apple is reduced. And a decade after Jobs left, they had to redeem Jobs NeXT to invite him to be consultants to work in 1997. At the time, Apple still has about 3 months before officially bankrupt. They ran out of money and lost. Jobs draw a chart consisting of Experts, Users in the household, Laptop, Desktop and said that Apple will focus on the production of four products. Next, he fired 3,000 employees and conducted Think Different campaign. It marked the most spectacular revival in the history of computer development and they really did change the world.

When he died on 5/10/2011, Apple has become the world’s second value company, after Exxon-Mobil. He has revolutionized or reshaping 7 areas: personal computers, animated movies, music distribution, phone, tablet, digital content publishing and retail stores. He did this by standing right intersection between science and humanity. It is in connection technology creativity and imagination to create new devices that people do not think much about it or to learn to how to use it.