The feeling ability of the dogs that we do not know

The dog may feel your sadness, detect the cancer of the employer, even before the earthquake and lightning. And you can get something more about dogs at here

  1. It knows when “employer” pregnancy

With its ultra-sensitive smell, dogs can smell the hormonal changes in a woman’s body. As well as feel the change from gait to their emotions when they are in pregnancy.


When a woman is about to give birth, it will listen and observe what the  owners often say and do. It’s interesting when the ‘people’ first discovered about to greet the baby in the womb is a dog and not human!

2. It understands the sorrow of the owner

Dogs have long been known as one species which is sensitive to human emotion. If you’re sad, it will comfort you by the way of placing its head on your lap and licking you in a loving way. So why would it be able to feel human emotions?


Research shows that part of the brain of the breed like of human, it has the ability to ‘read’ people’s emotions through their voice. Besides, it gradually adapted to humans through the evolution in terms of awareness of the feelings and the intentions of people.

3. It feels the fear of man

Why is it? Also with ultra-sensitive sense of smell of dogs (a million times sensitivity of the human nose), it can smell our fear literally.


The fear that will manifest through the phenomenon of the body as sweat, blood pumps faster, the body regulating the hormones adrenaline and pheromones into the air and fly to its nose. Not only felt by the nose, the eyes are the ‘radar’ Our 2nd. The dogs will observe your facial expressions, breathing….

4. It Warn to anyone coming up seizures

Until the present time, The dogs can save many cases . Among them is the case with epilepsy are rescued dogs.


These dogs can be trained warned that when you’re going to seizures within the next 10-20 minutes. There are enough time for you to take medication or seek help from someone. Moreover, If you are seizure, they try to protect you. It save you from danger by pressing the emergency call button that’s built into your home or to the place lay breathable. Or it runs to seek help from people .

5. It can detect cancer.

When people suffering from lung cancer and breast cancer, their breathing will be slightly different than normal human breath. And thanks to this ultra-sensitive nose, trained dogs can recognize such differences.

7. Weather Forecast

Dogs can predict all sorts of weather from rain, storms, tornadoes to snow. It can predict the weather like this because the ability to hear, smell of them than us. It can smell the rain and the smell of ozone in the atmosphere created by lightning before when we see lightning.